Sunday, July 10, 2016

When We Love God Part 2

How many of you have heard of the truly miraculous story of Nate and Marj Saint, Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Ed and Marilou McCully, Roger and Barbara Youderian, and Pete and Olive Fleming.

This story is a true example of people that totally loved God. They were so sincere about God and knew that He is real that they had to tell the natives of Ecuador about Him.
The Ecuadorian natives were ravaaged by hate. They never knew peace.
These missionaries had to tell them about Christ even if death came upon them.
Death did come to the missionaries when they went to give life and peace to the souls that were tortured by sin.
It took the death of the five missionary men to save the natives.
The natives conscious bothered them for the cruel act and acts they had done their whole lives.
But Christ created  a miracle and the widows of the men that died saw the vision which they had hoped.
The natives accepted Christ!
They stopped murdering their friends and families!
When we love God...He gives us the desires of our heart!

The book by Elisabeth Elloit gives extremely more insight into how miraculously these natives were saved.

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