Monday, June 6, 2016

When We Love God Part 1

How many times must we as people see the anger of the Lord poured out unto us?
Why must we have an excuse for trampling Christ's blood?
Christ died for the sins of the whole world and when those of us who have received Him into our hearts do not testify of Him and are ashamed of Him it angers Him. Many of us claim I love the Lord, but do we really?
Many people think because Christ died for them and because they have invited Him into their hearts, they can do whatever they want for the rest of their lives.
Christ is a jealous God!
He is angry with the wicked everyday!
He hates the workers of iniquities!
He does not like it when people who claim to be of Him, who say they love Him, do not the works that He commands.
People have come to think of our Christ Jesus as some Greek mythological god that if you beg Him enough He will come and help you.
Christ created hell for the wicked.
Yes, He even created it for all those who want to sin yet say they follow Christ.
He says ALL sinners will have their part in the lake of fire.
People who say I went to church at one point in my life will not be going to heaven. Christ does not want people who went to church.
He wants people who accept Him into their hearts, souls, bodies, and mind.
He wants those who committed their lives to Him.
He wants those who would and will lay their lives down for Him.
Is your life on the alter for Him?
He died for you!!!
Can we not give our Creator at least our life to serve Him?
He has already served us.

He has blessed us with healing, salvation, strength, power, faith, love, heaven...
What more do we want...?
He was only human!
But He did this for us.
Do you love Jesus?