Sunday, June 4, 2017

We Never Knew We Asked

We Never Knew We Asked 

      Sometimes we pray for God to answer the prayers that we pray, and we have the hope that He will answer the prayer that we prayed according to our desire. Yet, sometimes the answer that we wished and hoped for is not what God thinks is the best option for us. The answer to our prayer can sometimes be absolutely different than what we had anticipated that it may terrify us for a moment. After the initial shock has worn away, we often come to realize that the answer we have received in response to our prayer is what we have were looking for the whole time. 

      This is God's miracle that he knows ever one of us. He knows what is the best for us. He knows what we want even before we even think to petition Him. He gives us what is best for us because He knows us better than we know ourselves. Therefore, if we ever truly desire to know who we are we simply need to ask God to reveal our true selves to us. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


These guys brought these hymns together to create a masterpiece of masterful songs.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Against All Odds: We Still Cross the Red Sea: Amazing Grace

Against All Odds: We Still Cross the Red Sea: Amazing Grace: This song always takes me to a place of peace. Just close your eyes and think of every word of this song. It will definitely remind...

Amazing Grace

This song always takes me to a place of peace. Just close your eyes and think of every word of this song. It will definitely remind you of all the blessings in your life. All of the hope Christ has given you. The assurance. The joy. The Love. He became a captive for a short time to set us free from bondage.                                                                                                                                                       

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Best Miracles are the Ones You Never Asked For

Sometimes we receive miracles we never knew we needed or wanted.
God who knows everything always has our best interests in the forefront of the battle.
There are many times when we do not ask God for something, and He blesses us with a beyond than perfect blessing.
One example is from the contemporary Christian artist Natalie Grant. She tells of how her and her husband had difficulty baring kids. After treatments, they had twins. The doctors told her and her husband that they would no longer be able to have any more children. She was blessed with another child after she was told this by the doctor. She now says she likes to say that her little girl is the blessing that she never prayed for.
It is in these instances when one hears stories like this that remind us that God is always in control. He sees us and gives us blessings when we follow His word. This is why we thank Him. This is why we praise Him. This is why we can say He is the one true Christ.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Israel As a Nation

Image result for israel may 14 1948
Israel May 14th, 1948
The Lord gave the land of Israel to His people after He had miraculously delivered them from the land of Egypt. He wanted a special people to serve Him. He wanted them to enjoy the land that He had blessed, a land that was fruitful because He had given it to them to serve Him.
The children of Israel turned away from the Lord to serve other gods. Gods who had not delivered them from the Egyptians-gods who had not opened the Red Sea for them. God therefore allowed the children of Israel to be taken into captivity by the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Medes, the Persians, the Greeks, and other foreign armies. He did this hoping they would turn from their evil ways but sadly most of the children of Israel continued in their sins. The children of Israel were thrown out their homeland for hundreds of years. After years of hardships and severe persecution from anti-semitic groups, the Lord gave the Jewish people back their homeland. In 1948 the land of Israel became the homeland of the Jewish people once again.
The Lord delivered His people throughout ages. The following title is a DVD series that recounts different miracles that occurred in the blessed land of Israel: Against All Odds: Israel Survives. It can be found on Amazon. These miraculous stories told in this set should inspire and increase ones faith.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

When We Love God Part 2

How many of you have heard of the truly miraculous story of Nate and Marj Saint, Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Ed and Marilou McCully, Roger and Barbara Youderian, and Pete and Olive Fleming.

This story is a true example of people that totally loved God. They were so sincere about God and knew that He is real that they had to tell the natives of Ecuador about Him.
The Ecuadorian natives were ravaaged by hate. They never knew peace.
These missionaries had to tell them about Christ even if death came upon them.
Death did come to the missionaries when they went to give life and peace to the souls that were tortured by sin.
It took the death of the five missionary men to save the natives.
The natives conscious bothered them for the cruel act and acts they had done their whole lives.
But Christ created  a miracle and the widows of the men that died saw the vision which they had hoped.
The natives accepted Christ!
They stopped murdering their friends and families!
When we love God...He gives us the desires of our heart!

The book by Elisabeth Elloit gives extremely more insight into how miraculously these natives were saved.