Sunday, April 24, 2016


Spring is a wonderful time when we can reflect on the many blessings and miracles Christ has given us. 

When we awake in the morning, we awake to the sound of birds singing, chirping, and maybe even chimes chiming. 

The earth is awaking to new life for the new year.
As we walk outside, we smell the air that is full of life. We see the beauty of the many different colored flowers that bloom and give off their comforting perfume. 

The dew is cascading the vibrant green grass as the sun shines through the trees and whispers hope into the world. 

The world is at peace...even for just a moment. 
 It can give us an assurance of hope that we need for this day. 
The day that we need it, and tomorrow, we can awake and once again be enveloped in the beautiful glory of His majesty.